Deke Damson



To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Rob Crank to you for any of your Automotive needs and concerns.

Rob is the true automotive success story. He started selling cars in 1987 for our Honda Store in Huntsville, Alabama. Rob worked in every department over the next decade and a half. Rob has been our GM for Jerry Damson Honda and Jerry Damson Acura for the past 16 years. These stores just had their best year in our history. Rob is a graduate of the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy, along with many years in a 20 Group. Rob's knowledge of fixed operations is excellent. In addition, Rob is a goal oriented individual. He is process driven and well respected by our employees, Factory personnel and Vendors alike. I hate to see Rob go; as he has become a fixture with our organization over the past 31 years.
If you are looking to increase your business, reimplement an old idea or new idea, build a team, buy more cars, sell more cars, raise your service and parts ROI; with an honest, smart working car man, then Rob Crank is your Man!

Ken Boustani

General Manager, Honda of Decatur

To Whom It May Concern :

I am extremely pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Rob Crank. Rob and I worked together at Jerry Damson Automotive Group for almost 30 years and I always Found him a conscientious and very hard working professional. Rob has had a lot of roles over the years.

He started as salesperson in which he did very well and he got Promoted to finance manager and then to a used car manager and then to a general manager and then to overlook all the franchise that Damson had (three Honda stores, one Acura store and one Nissan store). In every position Rob held he exceeded all forecast put on by the Dealer Principal and always set new records. He is great at looking at every opportunity that is available at the dealership that makes the store more profit.

Rob is a great motivator and like by all who works for him. He is a master at looking at financial statements ad find the weak link and attack it to get the most net profit. Under his management the Honda and Acura stores have received multiple awards including the very prestigious Honda president award and Acura precision award.

I fully recommend Rob for any position higher dealership management position with any company as I am positive of his ability to undertake even the most complex of work. Please feel free to call me at (256)679-6881 if you would like me to further elaborate on Rob's abilities.

Buddy Driver

Director of Training Damson Automotive Group


To Whom It May Concern.

I had the privilege of hiring Rob Crank as a salesperson in 1987. Rob progressed quickly and moved up through the ranks to General Manager. Over the years Rob has also traveled to our other dealerships to help them in problem areas. Even though Rob started with a sales background, his knowledge of fixed operations is amazing. We are in an NADA 20 Group, and Rob has always kept us in the top of our group. Rob Crank is honest, loyal, goal directed and truly dedicated to his family. As Rob leaves our organization, his leadership lead Jerry Damson Honda to the best year in our history. I would strongly recommend Rob Crank to you for any of your needs in our industry.