Dealership Coaching in Birmingham, AL


The automotive industry is a competitive one, so how do you keep up with changes and compete with rival businesses? Net Edge Automotive is here to provide automotive dealership coaching and training for you and your employees. With our help, you will reach new levels of success and ensure the continuing progress of your business.

Net Edge Automotive was started with an eye to help dealerships succeed. With more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry in Birmingham, AL, we have the experience necessary to train and coach you and your employees on how to communicate efficiently, manage staff, and even sell more of your inventory.

Our Process

At Net Edge Automotive, we believe the key to success is remaining focused on the fundamentals of growth. That’s why we provide dealership coaching for your employees. With our help, you can maintain a focus on attainable goals and perfecting your process to ensure efficient service and reliable results.

In order to determine how best to help you, we come directly to your company and evaluate your dealership, your employees, and your process. Then we teach you how to improve so you can have an edge on the competition.

Our Service Plans

We offer four evaluation packages of varying lengths to best suit your needs:

  • One-time evaluation. For the duration of one week and for one time only, we will evaluate your business and provide coaching.
  • Three-day plan. Enjoy our services in three-day intervals every two months for a year.
  • Three-week plan. We’ll come to you for three one-week visits every four months for one year.
  • Four-week plan. Retain our services for four one-week intervals every three months for one year.

Our varying plan lengths makes it possible for you to choose an option that fits you and your business’s schedule. If you want a basic evaluation, the one-time plan is ideal. For the most intensive dealership coaching, choose the four-week plan.

Get your automotive dealership coaching in Birmingham, AL, today by calling (256) 508-2198.

1. One time every 3 months for 1 week (4 weeks total) for 1 year.

2. One time every 4 months for 1 week (3 weeks total) for 1 year.

3. One time every 2 months for 3 days (18 days total) for 1 year.

4. One-week, one-time evaluation.

“Every Business Needs An Edge”

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Our Plans

All plans will have a complete consultation review given on each visit with a course of action plan and/or any recommendation seen while observing throughout the week. All training will be performed at your store location where I can see everything needed to best serve you. A preliminary questionnaire to be completed before first visit. All training will be provided by me with no one coming on my behalf. I bring 30+ years of experience with the last 16 years being in the GM seat and held that position until April of 2018. Net Edge Automotive was created to help grow culture while teaching how managing the basics creates great returns and long-lasting success. Consistency is built on a foundation of basics and getting back to utilizing processes probably already in place but not actually always followed. Let's build this foundation together! Call or email Net Edge Automotive today and let's get your people creating your edge again.