I began my automotive career in March of 1987 and would have never thought this is where I would end up 31 years later. Starting as a salesperson my path went as follows; F & l manager (secondary and regular), used car mgr, GSM, GM and in a management group overlooking a total of 5 stores. The dealership l spent the most of my time with was in a NADA 20 group where we consistently ran in the top of our book when it came to net profit. Our performance continually was a consistent high performing store throughout every department when being compared with our piers. I was also a 1999 graduate of the NADA Academy General Dealership Management Program while having many other certificates in training with a wide array of companies. The dealership I ran had its best two record setting years in 2016 and 2017 so I felt the time was right for my next challenge. I was blessed and am grateful for the opportunity, training and support provided by my previous employer.

Net Edge Automotive was created to make a difference through coaching processed results. I truly believe that long term success is cultivated through process commitments.

Stay Focused

This means you must stay the course with the fundamentals of growth and not look towards drastic change, when lack of training or non-committed employees to process is the issue. Throughout my career, most problems come from communication or the lack thereof.

Communication Is Important

Most bad communication comes from shortcuts to the basics or processes already, just not followed properly. Net Edge Automotive wants to train your people up on your processes and provide ideas that have worked for me throughout my career.

What We Can Teach You

We are not looking to teach you how to sell or write service, unless you want but to ensure the processes you have are being utilized to the fullest potential. If you have a management staff without the experience that years of training gives you then I will be the partner to help through teaching, ideas and coaching.

Good People and Good Process

Having good people doing those processes daily makes great things happen. Net Edge Automotive wants to help make those things a reality and help in keeping your edge in the forefront to consistent growth.