Net Edge Automotive, LLC “Every Business Needs An Edge”

What We Are About

Experience, education, execution and encouragement is what Net Edge is all about. Net Edge is the partnership where your processes becomes habit and good habits creates the platform to consistently obtain the net return your business deserves.

Great Processes

Great processes not being followed consistently by employee’s offers opportunity. Opportunities are your chance to improve the bottom line and ultimately that's what most businesses try to do. If you believe opportunity exists in your dealership and are committed to long term success then consider a partnership with Net Edge Automotive.

Our Beliefs

I believe most dealerships have great processes and all the technology that a business could need to have every opportunity to thrive. Most room for improvement lies in doing and using the tools already provided on a more consistent basis making the numbers rise to new levels. Thru people, pride, persistence and production a dealership can and will accomplish new levels of success.

Details make a difference and managers make them matter.

Why The Small Things Matter

Small things are the foundation for big things to come. I have been a big advocate of teaching and managing the small things. When small things are done properly most big issues take care of themselves. This has been taught through years of experience and every imaginable situation this business has presented over time.

How We Can Help You

Net Edge Automotive was created to help dealerships with training, coaching, and teaching employees how the basics help reach new levels of success and doing them daily ensures future success.

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One-week, one-time evaluation

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One time every 4 months for 1 week (3 weeks total) for 1 year.

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One time every 3 months for 1 week (4 weeks total) for 1 year.

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One time every 2 months for 3 days (18 days total) for 1 year.